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We focus our coaching, training and team enablement on moving your product forward.

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Our approach to enhancing your team’s capabilities is customized to your team. The people are the most important part of any equation.

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We apply our experience to your product efforts utilizing your team’s strength to increase your overall capabilities through a pragmatic approach to change.

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Helping you deliver
Improving value delivery by enhancing teams & individuals

The coaching team at Balanced Agility have a proven track record help teams, individuals and organization find greater success.

Improving value delivery by providing coaching, training and consulting focusing on lean and agile principles have done that by .

Agility is a mindset. We can help you lift your organization to the next level

  • We Meet You at Your Level
  • We Don't Just Do Agile, We ARE Agile
  • We are invested in your success
  • Our goal is to make your team stronger

Meet Our Team

Experience That Matters
Jolene Jangles
Enterprise Coach
Passionate Lean Agile Practitioner with a proven track record of leading large, complex software development efforts in a global matrix environment. Repeated success driving team transformations while ensuring delivery of a complete customer-ready solution.
Danna Mokamba
Enterprise Coach
Accomplished, resourceful, and versatile coach and Agile/Lean/Scrum transformation leader across a variety of industries. Lean Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Professional, Scrum Master & Product Owner, SAFe Agilist
Ruel White
Proven supply chain, business intelligence & project management leader with a passion for driving change through technology & innovative data-based solutions.
Theresa Behnke
Trainer/Curriculum Developer/Writing Specialist
Actively involved in training individuals and teams inside and outside of educational settings for more than 20 years. As a yoga instructor, she brings calm and balance to even the most contentious meetings by creating spaces that respect individuals’ needs and honor team goals and outcomes.

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