Improving value delivery by enhancing teams & individuals


The coaching team at Balanced Agility has a proven track record of helping teams, individuals and organizations find greater success together. 

We improve value delivery by providing coaching, training and consulting focusing on lean and agile principles through hands-on practice. 

Agility is a mindset. We can help you change yours and lift your organization to the next level.

  • We meet you at your level.
  • We don't do Agile, We ARE Agile!
  • We have succeeded when you no longer need us.

We offer a variety of classes and workshops on a number of topics to provide education and certification.  

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In order to succeed with agile, teams and organizations should focus first on “being agile” as a foundation for success in “doing agile.”


From this 15 hour interactive exploration of agile, students come away with a solid understanding of core concepts to prepare them for their agile journey. Balanced Agility Fun Fundamentals class provides you with hands on experience to learn the basics of the agile mindset and practice.


Fun Fundamentals is foundational and the gateway to all other ICAgile tracks, the ICP credential has the broadest target audience. It is appropriate for those new to agile, and for practitioners who recognize the need to focus on “being” agile in addition to “doing" agile.

Balanced Agility Facilitator’s class provides you with 16 hours of hands on experience in improving your facilitation skills.


This highly interactive workshop with more than 40 hands on activities designed to build and improve your Agile team facilitation skills. We will learn and practice the fundamentals of facilitation and bring in concepts from cognitive neuroscience to improve how we engage others.  We will go through the core agile meetings to give you a few ways to facilitate your teams at different levels of team maturity.


Acting as a skilled and effective facilitator is a great step forward in building high performing Agile teams and in becoming an effective Agile coach.

Are you a coach or leader working with agile teams?  Do you want to make a bigger impact?  Do you want to more professional coaching skills to amp up your leadership?  We've designed this class just for you.

As an agile coach or leader, you have seen the power using skills from the professional coaching world can bring to what you do.  

This program is inspired by Co-active coaching, one of the premier providers of professional coaching.  Professional coaching is one of the many skills you need to do your job well and we have right-sized this experience into professional coaching to give you the core skills that you will immediately find useful.

Are you a coach or leader working with agile teams?  Do you want to make a bigger impact?  Do you want to love your job?  We've designed this class just for you.

Balanced Agility's Coaching with Agility class ignites your leadership journey. Have fun while you increase your knowledge and agile coaching skills. You'll look at the way you lead from a new perspective.

The highly experiential class taught using Training From the BACK of the Room techniques provides a highly interactive environment that hones essential coaching skills like self-awareness, coaching stance, mentoring, facilitation, active listening, powerful questioning and coaching for action. 

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We offer an array of classes and workshops publicly and privately. We also help design in-person and remote courses for teams who would like to fine tune their in house courses.


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We provide agilists and onsite coaches that work in an execution and delivery mode for organizations and teams of all types and sizes.


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Meet The Team

Jolene Jangles

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I am Jolene Jangles.  

I strongly believe in people’s greatness and I have spent the past 20 years focused on helping others achieve more while delivering great products.  

As a lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach I work with individuals, teams and organizations to reach higher levels.   Using the right balance of teaching, mentoring and coaching I share my passion hoping to ignite the greatness I see in others. 

Danna Mokamba

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I am Danna Mokamba.  

I have a strong passion to help grow talent and an even stronger passion to deliver value to individuals and practitioners.  

I am an accomplished, resourceful, and versatile coach and Agile/Lean/Scrum transformation leader across a variety of industries.I am also a Certified Lean Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Professional, LeSS Certified, Scrum Master & Product Owner, SAFe Agilist

Joe Ziadeh

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I am Joe Ziadeh. I am passionate about brains (but I am not a zombie). I specialize in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. I've been working in Agile and IT for 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles. Currently I'm a Training Badass and Agile Coach for Balanced Agility, speaker at a number of Agile conferences, and Instructor of Agile Courses in the Washington University Technology Leadership Center.

Theresa Stehula

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I am Theresa Stehula. I have been actively involved in training individuals and teams inside and outside of educational settings for more than 20 years. As a long-time educator and coach, I help individuals and teams reflect on their current and past practices to identify where they can transform. As a yoga instructor, I strive to bring a calm and balanced approach to even the most contentious meetings by creating spaces that respect individuals’ needs and honor team goals and outcomes.




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