Business Agility


Rapid and continual change in technology and ways of working mean that lifelong learning is critical. All roles need to have a component of learning built into their capacity and competencies. If the individual is not learning then they are stagnant, which, in our competitive markets, essentially equates to decaying.

Learn new ways of thinking, communicating, and executing to optimize the delivery of our work and its value.  Spend time exploring your product, learning the product mindset and how it diverges from our traditional project mentality.

This highly interactive workshop has more than 15 hands-on activities and focuses on ways you can bring agility to your product owner role.


The workshop is composed of three modules to allow you to explore:

· Applying agility to your world in Business Agility Basics

·Define your products and how to shift from project to product thinking in Exploring Your Product

· Understand the flow of work From Idea Through Delivery


These three modules combine to increase understanding of value propositions and to uncover creative options to drive value faster to our customers.


The Balanced Difference

At Balanced Agility, we believe that there is more than just a class, a workshop or a few hours spent together that make up a learning experience.  We also provide:

  • Our BA Primers leading up to the class to get you ready and thinking about what we will be working on in our time together – these may take the form of pre-reading, blog articles or a few items to work on before our time together

  • The BA Toolkits you will emerge from your class with provide real and effective tools that you can use on the ground with your teams the days following training.

  • Include yourself in the BA Community by networking in class and actively participating after the class in the community of fellow practitioners that’s being established in your area. 



Hands On Practice

Network Building

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