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Coaching with Agility:
The Balanced Coach


Are you a coach or leader working with agile teams?  Do you want to make a bigger impact?  Do you want to love your job?  We've designed this class just for you.


Balanced Agility's Coaching with Agility class ignites your leadership journey. Have fun while you increase your knowledge and agile coaching skills. You'll look at the way you lead from a new perspective.


The highly experiential 24 hour class taught using Training From the BACK of the Room techniques provides a highly interactive environment that hones essential coaching skills like self-awareness, coaching stance, mentoring, facilitation, active listening, powerful questioning and coaching for action.  


We provide critical tools, techniques, skills, and ideas from the professional coaching and brain-based training worlds to leaders, managers, agile coaches, and Scrum Masters alike. These roles are constantly challenged to help people, teams, and organizations grow and thrive in a complex world. They need to learn and hone skills that help them benefit from healthy conflict, in order to achieve organizational goals.


In this class, we will:

  • Instill the skills necessary to coach individuals and teams with the necessary mindset, skills and capabilities to gain higher performance and have greater adaptive capacity and collaboration within their teams.

  • Focus on coaching the journey to high performance (task) AND understanding team development (relationships)

  • Overcome complex obstacles in performance and work

  • Develop your own leadership

  • Improve engagement, morale, satisfaction and retention

  • Boost productivity and performance

  • Develop other leaders who can tackle complex challenges together

  • Aid you in enabling your team in building confidence in their own capabilities

  • Aid you in enabling your team in feeling supported and empowered by their leaders

  • Help you help your team experience fulfillment and satisfaction in solving their own challenges and development of their own leadership capabilities


Out of this class, you will receive:

  • A full tool kit of coaching principles, techniques and practices, along with hands-on experience in their application.

  • IC Agile Coaching Certification



The Balanced Difference

At Balanced Agility, we believe that there is more than just a class, a workshop or a few hours spent together that make up a learning experience.  We also provide:

  • Our BA Primers leading up to the class to get you ready and thinking about what we will be working on in our time together – these may take the form of pre-reading, blog articles or a few items to work on before our time together

  • The BA Toolkits you will emerge from your class with provide real and effective tools that you can use on the ground with your teams the days following training.

  • Include yourself in the BA Community by networking in class and actively participating after the class in the community of fellow practitioners that’s being established in your area.



Hands On Practice

Network Building

Upcoming Classes

Visit Balanced Academy to view all upcoming start dates and to enroll.

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