Meet Our Team

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    I am Jolene Jangles.  

    I strongly believe in people’s greatness and I have spent the past 20 years focused on helping others achieve more while delivering great products.  

    As a lean/agile practitioner and Co-Active coach I work with individuals, teams and organizations to reach higher levels.   Using the right balance of teaching, mentoring and coaching I share my passion hoping to ignite the greatness I see in others. 

    I believe leaders, at all levels of the organization, are the true drivers of transformation.  I hope to ignite the spark in everyone so they create the world they strive for.  

    Jolene Jangles

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    I am Joe Ziadeh. I am passionate about brains (but I am not a zombie). I specialize in the science behind how our brains react to learning and change. I've been working in Agile and IT for 20 years, in a variety of fun and interesting roles.


    Currently I'm the Chief Story Teller and Innovation Artist for Balanced Agility, speaker at a number of Agile conferences, and Instructor of Agile Courses in the Washington University Technology Leadership Center.

    Joe Ziadeh

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    I am Danna Mokamba.  

    I have a strong passion to help grow talent and an even stronger passion to deliver value to individuals and practitioners.  

    I am an accomplished, resourceful, and versatile coach and Agile/Lean/Scrum transformation leader across a variety of industries.I am also a Certified Lean Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Professional, LeSS Certified, Scrum Master & Product Owner, SAFe Agilist

    Danna Mokamba

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    Hi there! Vivek here. I am an avid learner, content creator, trainer and career coach. I am passionate about helping people navigate careers as Scrum Master, Product Owners, and Business Analyst. I love seeing my students go out in the world and show up with amazing growth mindset and help teams and organization improve. I believe Experimentation is key in life. Last several years, I spent time honing my facilitation and coaching skills working as an Agile Coach and did several public agile training classes.

    Vivek Khattri

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    I am Pabitra Khanal! I have been training and coaching for few years and have developed love for helping people shift their mindset, whether it is in a work environment or personal life. I love helping people realize those Aha! moments that ultimately helps them transform! I am a certified Agile Coach from ICAgile and a team facilitation enthusiast! Last several years, I have been working as an Agile Team Facilitator and facilitated and taught dozens of (remote and in-person) Agile learning workshops

    Pabitra Khanal

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    I am Suvandhya Rao, my friends call me Suvy :)  


    My passion is to enable a culture of Autonomy, Accountability, and Agility. I believe anyone can achieve most of what matters to them when they have this kind of an environment around them.
    As an Agile Coach, I am enthusiastically devoted to driving the adoption and optimization of an Agile mindset, Organizational Development, and Cultural Change.

    I teach, coach, mentor individuals, and teams at all levels adopt Lean and Agile concepts that help bring three essential and indispensable areas of people, process and products together in a way that makes life better, faster, cheaper and happier! 

    Suvy Rao

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    I am Anthony Bruno, I’m passionate about liberating people from bad leadership and dogma. I love learning, helping others learn, and I am energized from seeing “AHA” moments.


    I’ve been a techy my whole career and now am an Agility Coach at of Unigroup Inc. For the last 5 yrs have been a Coach for multiple large organizations in the St. Louis area. I am a co-host of the St. Louis Business Agility and St. Louis Lean Kanban User Group and Meetups.

    Anthony Bruno

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    Hi there, I’m Gabe.  My passion lies with people.  My first technology based job was in operations on a support team where I had a great leader who taught me the power of enabling people.  Even through something as simple as helping someone with a job function that they were previously unable to perform. I saw the joy that came from that empowerment of the other person when they were given the freedom and ability to achieve what they wanted even in a mundane work function.  I wanted more.


    My first foray into agile development and product management came as a similar surprise while I was working on a small development team.  We were challenged to deliver a usable product in two weeks. I realized that if this way of thinking and developing software could make my work better, it could make others’ work better. We spend ⅓ of our lives at work. If we make work better. We make life better.


    I got my start coaching 15 years ago when I worked at a drug and alcohol abuse rehab center for adolescents.  I learned a lot about behavioral science, psychology and conflict resolution. I spent time coaching around those areas as well as professional, career and life coaching.  That is where I learned how powerful it can be just to listen to someone who is desperate to be heard.


    I’ve spent time as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach and as a leader of organizations.

    Gabe Weitkemper

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    I am Theresa Stehula. I have been actively involved in training individuals and teams inside and outside of educational settings for more than 20 years. As a long-time educator and coach, I help individuals and teams reflect on their current and past practices to identify where they can transform. As a yoga instructor, I strive to bring a calm and balanced approach to even the most contentious meetings by creating spaces that respect individuals’ needs and honor team goals and outcomes.

    Theresa Stehula

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