Closing the Badassery, One Rebel at a Time

Its been a crazy year, full of change and my own continued transformation. I hit the edge of a personal change curve and its time to decide if I am going to step to the other side.

In a week I will be speaking at Agile 2017. This is a great honor for me, my mission is to spread the empowered mindset and rebellious spirit at the heart of many agilists.  I should be shouting this from the roof tops. I am not. The thought of this is so foreign to me I can’t even imagine it. I want to reach so many with my message of getting outside of their box, reaching for what they want. Yet here I am stuck in my own box. Not wanting to call too much attention to myself. 

I have not posted, tweeted or even shared with many outside those I bump into. Reflecting why, I consider the work of Brené Brown and her challenge for people to dare greatly and stop “waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena.” As we all grow we contagiously find new arenas waiting for us. We need to make the choice to step in. What it your arena?

I’ve both succeeded and fallen in many arenas. I used my agile mindset to transform multiple portfolios in a company that was 8 years behind me in making the shift. My transformed teamed kicked butt, delivering more value with happier teams than those around us. That great success was met with much opposition because I was doing it differently. I have fallen too, laid off from two companies I gave decades of my life. On a personal front I lived through raising two special needs children and survived two failed marriages. Each time I got back up to try again. There is so much more I could add but I think that's enough to say I’d like to think I am a bad ass.

In her book “Rising Strong” Brené Brown paints a picture of a badass as a person living truly as their whole self, being willing to feel what they feel and get rise up stronger. In my role as a transformation coach I ask my clients to embrace their inner rebel or badass in Brené's terms. As I approach this new arena I find myself challenged to enter. Afraid of failing. Afraid of succeeding.

I think back to Agile2016s Women in Agile, of the statistics on how women are less active in the agile community than their male counterparts. Of how little I've done to change that. I consider the many Project Managers I have worked with through the years who, like me, find directing from the sideline so much easier. I realize that I am sitting in the stands of my arena. Watching the show. Its so comfortable here.  I look around me and see many of you.  Its getting crowded.

Is it my time to get out of my seat? Is this my arena? 

Yes, I think it is. I am ready to leap.  I AM A BADASS!

I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and into the arena. Join me, leap into your arena.  We will fall. We will rise again.  The journey will be amazing.

Who is with me? I'd love to hear from fellow badasses. What's your arena? What is possible for you when you leap.


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