Epic Facilitation: Skills for the Agile Workplace


We may be experiencing unprecedented challenges in our work and personal lives, but one thing remains constant: people. People stay the same, and learning how to work with people no matter the circumstances is a critical skill. We're offering remote versions of our much loved facilitation class to help people with these challenges. Optimized for remote learning, this course will help you prepare and practice to achieve your meeting goals. Now more than ever, the ability to facilitate a meeting effectively (no matter where or how its located) is critical.

Help your team get excited and engaged! If you are currently a Scrum Master, a Release Train Engineer, XP Coach, Agile Coach or Agile Leader – this class is for you! 

Balanced Agility Facilitator’s class provides you with hands on experience in improving your facilitation skills.  This highly interactive workshop with more than 40 hands on activities designed to build and improve your Agile team facilitation skills.   We will learn and practice the fundamentals of facilitation and bring in concepts from cognitive neuroscience to improve how we engage others.  We will go through the core agile meetings to give you a few ways to facilitate your teams at different levels of team maturity.  Acting as a skilled and effective facilitator is a great step forward in building high performing Agile teams and in becoming an effective Agile coach.  

Prerequisites: any 2 day introduction to Agile or currently acting in the role of Scrum Master, XP Coach, Agile Coach or similar Agile execution leadership role.

In this class you we will:

  • Building off of Training from the BACK of the room we will explore how cognitive neuroscience research can help us engaging others in a more fun and exciting way to achieve more.

  • Plan and conduct effective Agile ceremonial meetings at varying levels of team maturity so your facilitation can increase as your teams level of performance increase

  • How to specifically facilitate the common practices of Agile Teams: release and sprint planning, daily stand-ups, reviews, and retrospectives, as well as project chartering and product roadmapping

  • Group facilitation tools and techniques for effectively designing meetings and workshops that both engage the entire audience and drives toward agreed-upon outcomes

  • Develop an appreciation for the art of facilitation as key to fostering collaboration and enabling self-organizing teams

  • Diagnosing and handling dysfunctional teams

Out of this class, you will receive:


  • A full tool kit of facilitation principles, techniques and practices, along with hands-on experience in their application.

The Balanced Difference

At Balanced Agility, we believe that there is more than just a class, a workshop or a few hours spent together that make up a learning experience.  We also provide:

  • Our BA Primers leading up to the class to get you ready and thinking about what we will be working on in our time together – these may take the form of pre-reading, blog articles or a few items to work on before our time together

  • The BA Toolkits you will emerge from your class with provide real and effective tools that you can use on the ground with your teams the days following training.

  • Include yourself in the BA Community by networking in class and actively participating after the class in the community of fellow practitioners that’s being established in your area. 



Hands On Practice

Network Building

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